3K15 Refrigerated Centrifuge from Sigma

Refrigerated centrifuge SIGMA 3K15 are designed for versatile use in medical and research laboratories these SIGMA centrifuges all feature quiet brushless motors and digital control. Fan cooled and refrigerated centrifugation (centrifuges with a "K" in their name) for a wide variety of sedimentation tasks pose no problem for these centifuges. All SIGMA cooling systems naturally use CFC-free refrigerants.

Features of refrigerated centrifuge SIGMA 3K15:


  • Refrigerated table top centrifuge with built in refrigeration system.
  • Temperature control of rotors also during standstill. CFC-free refrigerant (R 134a).
  • Minimum temperature approx. 5 °C at maximum speed (ambient temperature 23°C) at 13 000 rpm approx. 0°C.
  • Maintenance-free brushless drive motor with exact speed preselection and display. Speed range 100 to 15 300 rpm, accuracy 1 rpm.
  • Extremely smooth running even at maximum speed.
  • A microcontroller provides for preselection of gravitational field, speed, rotor, time and temperature.
  • 20 acceleration and deceleration curves and 10 program memory locations are available.
  • Magnetic rotor identification prevents overspeeding rotors.
  • Product according to national and international safety regulations (IEC 1010).
  • Nr. 10706 für 230V50Hz


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