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Research uncovers bacteria in breast tissue associated with cancer

Research uncovers bacteria in breast tissue associated with cancer

A unique population of microbes in the female breast may lay the groundwork for understanding how this bacterial community contributes to health and disease, according to a new study out of Western University (London, Canada). [More]

Now that open enrollment has ended, what are the health law's next challenges?

News outlets are beginning to focus on the next set of implementation chores, as well as the ways in which the law will impact the health care marketplace. [More]

Longer looks: New doubts about shaken baby syndrome; arresting the mentally ill; self-help therapy

A number of reexamined cases in recent years-;aided by new technology and debate among medical experts-;have put proponents of the (Shaken Baby Syndrome) hypothesis on the defensive. [More]

Health law commentary: A series of delays; Senators' ideas for a fix; GOP should drop 'excuses' in Va. Medicaid debate

One by one, the myths of the Affordable Care Act have been revealed. When the curtain on open enrollment falls on March 31, the last remaining big myth of ObamaCare will be fully exposed: The individual mandate has failed. After a last-ditch effort with President Obama himself encouraging "young invincibles" to sign up before the deadline, the administration is scrambling to boost enrollment. On Tuesday, the White House announced that people who applied for coverage on the federal health-insurance exchange will have until mid-April to finish the paperwork (Abby McCloskey and Tom Miller, 3/26). [More]

Contraceptive commentary: Religious liberty should not be constrained; women employees are forgotten

The Affordable Care Act returned to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, as the Justices heard a major challenge to the law's birth-control mandate. Five and maybe even six Justices across ideological lines seemed discomfited by the Administration's cramped conception of religious liberty (3/25). [More]

High court hears arguments regarding health law's contraception coverage requirement

The justices appeared to be divided on the question of whether companies are entitled to a religious exemption from this mandate. A decision is expected in June. [More]

First Edition: March 26, 2014

Today's headlines include reports that the Obama administration will extend the deadline for signing up for insurance through [More]

High Court to hear arguments today in case mixing religious freedoms and health law's birth control coverage requirement

The case, which touches various politically charged issues, could have implications beyond the health law's birth control coverage requirement. [More]

High court hears arguments regarding the birth control coverage mandate

Justices appeared divided over this case, which involves both issues of religious freedoms and a provision of the health overhaul. [More]

Viewpoints: Be careful what you pray for; health law 'freakouts;' concerns about imported drugs

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will consider a proposition that will strike many Americans as bizarre: that large, for-profit businesses can refuse on religious grounds to comply with a federal mandate that they include contraception in their employee health plans (3/25). [More]

First Edition: March 25, 2014

Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including stories previewing today's Supreme Court action regarding the health law's contraception coverage mandate. [More]

Supreme Court to hear health law contraceptive case on Tuesday

At issue is whether for-profit companies, such as Hobby Lobby, are entitled to the same religious protections as individuals or religious organizations. [More]

Viewpoints on challenge to contraceptive coverage mandate

This week, the owners of two secular, for-profit corporations will ask the Supreme Court to take a radical turn and allow them to impose their religious views on their employees -; by refusing to permit them contraceptive coverage as required under the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court has consistently resisted claims for religious exemptions from laws that are neutral and apply broadly when the exemptions would significantly harm other people, as this one would. To approve it would flout the First Amendment, which forbids government from favoring one religion over another -; or over nonbelievers (3/22). [More]
Viewpoints: Predictions of rising premiums in 2015; anniversary of health law

Viewpoints: Predictions of rising premiums in 2015; anniversary of health law

No one challenges reality like Kathleen Sebelius, who assured the world on Sept. 30, 2013 that the Affordable Care Act website would be open for business the next day. "We're very excited about tomorrow," Sebelius said. "Shutdown or no shutdown, we're ready to go." [More]

High Court to hear religious freedom challenge to contraceptive mandate

The health law returns to the Supreme Court next week when justices consider a challenge by two companies seeking relief from the contraceptive coverage requirement. [More]

First Edition: March 20, 2014

Today's headlines include reports about how the GOP is challenging the Obama administration's authority regarding the health law on various fronts, including the employer mandate delay and the birth control coverage mandate. [More]

House Republicans plan: Delay individual mandate for five years

The idea is to use the savings to reverse the annual SGR cut for Medicare doctors. Also, a group of Catholic employers in Oklahoma is suing about the health law's contraception coverage exception. [More]
First Edition: March 13, 2014

First Edition: March 13, 2014

Today's headlines include details of Wednesday's Capitol Hill testimony by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. [More]

Polls examine support for health law, contraceptive coverage requirement

A CNN/ORC poll detected a slight increase in support for the overhaul, with much of it coming from upper-income and college-educated people. Meanwhile, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found 53 percent of Americans agree with the rule requiring most employers to cover contraceptive coverage. [More]
First Edition: March 12, 2014

First Edition: March 12, 2014

Today's headlines include stories about the Obama administration's latest tallies regarding how many Americans have signed up for Obamacare coverage and the outcome of a Florida special election that was marked by health law themes. [More]