AC33 Classic Two Channel Clinical Audiometer from Interacoustics

AC33 Classic Two Channel Clinical Audiometer from Interacoustics

The AC33 is a classic two channel clinical audiometer that is perfect for busy medical clinics, private practice and in hearing aid dispensing offices. It provides pure tone and speech testing with full masking capability and a number of built-in tests with automatic scoring. The easy to read display and functional front panel layout make testing easy and comfortable.

Two independent channels

The AC33 has two fully independent channels, making it possible to perform a full range of clinical tests, including ABLB, Stenger (tone or speech), binaural speech tests, tone in noise and SISI.

Computer integration

The audiometer offers computer integration using the Diagnostic Suite Windows® software for transferring audiometric data to the computer.

The diagnostic suite offers features such as:

  • Audiometric data transfer
  • Advanced print layout wizard
  • Personalized and combined reporting
  • Advanced report page
  • Patient and session handling
  • Audiogram symbol editor
  • Full database integration: OtoAccess™ and Noah compatible
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