AC40 Clinical Audiometer from Interacoustics

The AC40 provides connections for commercially available CD and tape players. Functionality of the AC40 allows for all recorded speech materials including CAPD recorded materials. A lapel microphone is standard on the AC40. An optional EMS400 microphone stand is available and can be placed on a table or mounted on a sound chamber wall. Test signals, masking and talk-back are audible via the built-in speaker and both channels have independent volume controls. An optional monitor headset with or without a boom mic. is available.


The front panel layout is intuitive with color coded buttons and light indicators to guide you through your day to day operations - even in a darkened examination room.

  • Large LCD Display
  • Audiogram or numeric view options
  • Low profi le for ease of patient viewing
  • Click free attenuators
  • Silent tone switches
  • Synchronized masking
  • Variable pulse & warble signals

In a modern healthcare setting the ability to interface clinical instrumentation with a computer is mandatory. The AC40 is easily interfaced with a variety of supporting software for this purpose, including NOAH 2.0 and 3.0 and OtoAccess™.

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