AT-510 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator from Kyoto

The AT-510 Automatic potentiometric titrator is a new version of AT series offering better operational maneuverability and compactness in size while inheriting KEM’s many years’ advanced proven technology. This new model can perform potentiometric titration including acid-base, redox, precipitation, chelatometric and non-aqueous titrations. With optional peripherals, it can also perform photometric, polarization and surfactant titrations. When the multiple sample changer CHA-500 is connected, it can automate measurements of a number of samples unattended and save both time and man-power with reliable results and simpler operations, thus applicable to many fields where quality and inspection control, analytical works and R&D activities are demanded and conducted.


  • Low cost but High performance
  • Easy-to-read LCD with a backlight
  • Anti-diffusion titration nozzle tip
  • Safety cover to protect burette
  • Selection of one or two burettes
  • GLP/GMP fully conforming
  • CE-marking level of safety and noise immunity
  • Easy-to-enter colored key pad
  • Three (3) interface ports : Balance, PC and Printer
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