AT-700 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator from Kyoto

AT-700 can be simply used as a standalone instrument. Compact size same as our current model burettes, but with functions of a titrator and automatic piston burette (up to two units). This space-saving model allows to install the equipment anywhere.


  • A4 Size (one of the smallest size titrator)
  • Optional printer can draw titration curve and results. And USB can be used to transfer data as CSV format to PC.
  • Language display (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean , Russian, Spanish)
  • New burette designing to load switching valve on the burette and optional second burette is possible to be added.
  • Burette steps for full stroke: 20,000
  • Accuracy of burette: ±0.02mL (20mL burette)
  • Repeatability: ±0.01mL (20mL burette)
  • Application: Salinity and acidity in food products, acidity in wine
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