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Featured Medical Devices
The Zetasizer Nano S is a research grade dynamic light scattering system for sub-micron particle and molecular size and molecular weight measurement that combines performance and versatility with exceptional ease of use.
The FDSS7000EX is the high-end model capable of handling 1536-well assays and measuring both fluorescence and luminescence, and is equipped with a variety of functions such as multiple washing.
Other Medical Devices
Selectaflo is a calibrated-orifice flowmeter with integrated pressure reduction. It is used by medical personnel to accurately and easily set the flowrate of the gas delivered to the patient. Its innovative design makes its operation intuitive.
The Muse Cell Analyzer counts cells more accurately than manual hemocytometry or image-based automated analysis.
The USA-made 8435 with its heavy-duty steel base and under-structure, an easy-to-clean, roomy 22 x 14.7 inch (56 x 37 cm) polystyrene trays cradles babies securely on this dependable scale.
The NucleoCounter NC-100+ is a compact instrument which fits perfectly in any laboratory performing research, quality control or monitoring of production.
Clinically validated for accuracy, the Omron IntelliSense® Professional Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for clinical use in a professional setting including a physician's office, hospital, or other point of care environment.
Features & benefits of the Cellometer Auto T4 includes automated cell counting, one-step concentration & viability, analyze >99% of mammalian cells, cell images and counted images, exclusion of debris, cell size analysis, faster & more precise than manual counting, and cellometer auto t4 accessories.
GE 100 blood glucose monitor is easy to use, innovative and accurate. In this monitor testing is made simple. Reduce false test results due to coding errors with the one-of-a-kind True Auto Coding feature.
The novAA 350 represents a fully automated flame system with double beam mode and automatic 8-lamp turret. The novAA 350 is designed to meet the challenges of the most routine analysis and demanding applications.
Thermo Scientific's iCE 3300 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a compact, easy to use, fully PC controlled flame atomic absorption spectrometer—upgradable with furnace and vapour generation options.
RAD-60 Personal Alarm Dosimeter is a precise radiation measuring instrument for reliable detection and registration of radiation in order to ensure the personal safety of the user. It is suitable for various applications in e.g. Civil Defence, Customs operations and Nuclear industry.
Omnitest plus set is a complete kit for measuring blood glucose in capillary blood. The Omnitest plus system provides a quick and easy way to measure the blood glucose level. Omnitest plus could be used for self-monitoring of blood glucose level by diabetes patients.
BioScan a practical, non-invasive, non-intrusive, highly accurate portable diagnostic monitoring system for assessing Body Composition, Nutritional, Fluid monitoring in both health and clinical patients.
The UA-702 is an excellent choice for those wanting a very economical blood pressure monitor.
A panel- or bench- mounting hygrometer with digital display, analogue and digital outputs and dual alarm feature, offering excellent reliability and repeatability.
The BioLis 24i / CLC480 chemistry analyzer is the smallest analyzer with the largest menu. The BioLis 24i / CLC480 uses reusable cuvettes — this eliminates the need to purchase individual reaction cuvettes to be used with each test and eliminates cuvettes that need to be disposed of as hazardous waste.
OMRON light Personal Peak Flow Meter is used for accurate monitoring of Peak Expiratory Flow in L/min. The PFM20 enables an easy, user-friendly therapy management for doctor and patient similarly.
The GL32 blood glucose monitor comprises codefree test strips. It is Small, handy and ideal for use away from home.
The TB200TM Portable Turbidimeter from Orbeco-Hellige allows fast and easy turbidity measurement in both the field and in the laboratory.
The Reichert PDM Digital PD Meter utilizes the latest technology for measuring interpupillary distance and right/left pupil-to-nose distance. The PDM's ergonomic design, smooth action, and user-friendly LCD screen enable fast and precise PD measurements.
St. John Associates' Fluoro-Tec fluorometer provides a cost-effective and versatile means of implementing fluorescence-based techniques in discrete sample analysis, liquid chromatography detection (HPLC) and flow injection analysis (FIA) -- both continuous-flow and bubble-segmented. It also performs well as a nephelometer.
The HygroSet FM has the same great adjustment features as the HygroSet® I and II but is made specifically for exterior front mount humidors.
Incorporating the electronics and sensor into one unit – the easy-to-use Onyx provides a cost-effective solution for spot-checks and short-term monitoring that is unparalleled in reliability and performance.
As a busy clinician, you need mobile tools that can withstand the toughest clinical situations. The Tuff Sat® handheld oximeter off ers the exceptional portability and durability you demand. As one of the smallest oximeters available, the Tuff Sat oximeter goes with you from patient to patient, enabling you to quickly access the relevant clinical intelligence you need to make appropriate care decisions.
DR/800 Portable Colorimeter Series are durable, hand-held, filter photometers which are designed specifically for the rigors of on-site testing, with rugged components and waterproof, dustproof, chemical-resistant housings.
The MiniScreenPro is a modern PSG System with up to 40 Channels. It is a modular System which makes it possible to customize every device individually.