Appliskan Multimode Microplate Reader from Thermo Scientific

Appliskan Multimode Microplate Reader from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Appliskan Multimode Microplate Reader is a filter-based multitechnology microplate reader for photometric, luminometric and fluorometric research applications. 

The Appliskan offers all detection technologies in one small-sized, compact and robust instrument for both current and future application needs in an ever-changing research environment. 

It features an onboard shaker, an incubator and up to two onboard dispensers and can work with 6- to 384-well plates.

  • All technologies included—fluorometry, luminometry, absorbance, TRF and FP
  • Excellent sensitivity with luminometric and Time-Resolved-Fluorescence applications
  • Small footprint fits into even the most crowded laboratories
  • Versatile Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software provides easy assay design, flexible data handling and convenient report formatting, even with challenging applications
  • Numerous plate formats from 6- to 384-well
  • Up to two dispensers for exact follow-up of kinetic reactions
  • Fluorometric wavelength range up to 820nm provides a high sensitivity and a wide linear dynamic range in all fluorometric applications, even with red-sensitive fluorochromes and demanding TR-FRET applications

Includes: SkanIt Software, Excitation 485nm and Emission 535nm filters. Other filters available upon request.

Warranty and Service Offering: 1 year

Recommended for: Cellular assays; Cytotoxicity and Cell proliferation assays; DNA quantitation; ELISA/FIA/LIA assays; Enzyme kinetic studies; Europium assays; FRET and BRET assays; GPCR assays; Ion channel assays; Kinase assays; Multilabel assays; Phagocytosis; Protein assays; Reporter gene assays; Signal transduction