Awel MF48 Multifunction Ventilated Benchtop Centrifuge from Nuaire

Awel MF48 Multifunction Ventilated Benchtop Centrifuge from Nuaire

The MF series offers a variety of speeds and separations that adapt to all types of applications. A large choice of accessories, combined with the AweLock system, respond to the different needs and centrifugation protocols of the laboratory.

The Awel MF48 Ventilated Centrifuge offers 4 x 400ml or 76 x 5-7ml tubes capacity and multiple rotors to complete all the applications in virology, bacteriology, immunology, genetics, molecular biology, proteomics, microbiology, and more.


AWELock Quick Rotor Exchange

Awel centrifuges are immediately operational with the patented system of rapid exchange of rotating accessories without using tools. Quickly change from one application and protocol to the next within seconds.


Ergonomic Design. The Awel centrifuge compact design is 40% smaller than comparative models with the same capacity giving you back valuable bench space. Its low profile places samples at a convenient working height improving access to the bowl for loading or unloading of materials and cleaning reducing awkward postures. The motorized locking / unlocking lid only needs the force of your fingertip to open and close.

AWELight Visual End of Run Indication

A blue light illuminates on the easy-to-open automatic lid indicating the end of the centrifuge cycle and samples are ready for unloading.

AWELine Level Detection

Level detection ensures that the centrifuge only runs when correctly installed maximizing the life of the motor and rotors.