BX51-P Polarizing Microscope from Olympus

BX51-P Polarizing Microscope from Olympus

The BX51P polarizing microscope is an investigative tool for the identification of isotropic and anisotropic materials, forensic analysis, thin film/polymer/crystal identification, and extraneous particulates

Clear Observation Images with UIS2 Objective Lens:

Olympus' sophisticated design and manufacturing technology, new ACHN-P and UPLFLN-P strain-free objectives reduce internal strain to an absolute minimum. Olympus has also totally redesigned its polarizers and polarizing condensers to further enhance performance in polarized light. This means a higher EF value, resulting in unmatched image brightness and contrast.

Superior Operability and Optical Performance:

Large Viewfields and Ergonomic Design:

Observations can be performed comfortably and efficiently thanks to the Y-shape frame developed in pursuit of ultimate ergonomics. This greatly lessens operator's fatigue during the extended observation. The Field Number is as large as 22, allowing a 21% wider area than that given by a microscope of ordinary filed number 20 to be observed at a glance. In addition, a bright halogen lamp of 12V-100W is used in the illumination system allowing observation of clear images of polarization.

Rugged and Accurate Rotating Stage:

The rotating-centering mechanism attached to the rotary stage allows smooth rotation of a specimen. In addition, there is a click-stop mechanism provided at each 45 degrees for precise measurement. With the option of adding a dual-mechanical stage further discreet x-y movement is possible.