BX53 Motorised Fluorescence Microscope from Olympus

BX53 Motorised Fluorescence Microscope from Olympus

The BX53 semi-motorised fluorescence microscope makes highly efficient imaging possible. Automation enables the imaging of large areas in high magnification and also facilitates multicolour fluorescence. With its modular motorisation concept, Olympus offers the flexibility to motorise one or more components, right up to full motorisation of the microscope, ensuring you can meet operational requirements now and in the future. Advanced optics enable all common observation methods, including bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarisation fluorescence and DIC.


Motorised running – The freedom of choice

Olympus offers an impressive range of motorisation and automation tools for increasing the efficiency of routine and complex imaging and screening techniques. This offers the capability to perform more reliable examinations even more quickly, saving valuable time. The automation options work well in unison with each other, but can also be implemented as independent solutions, so users only have to motorise the function(s) they need to. This offers much greater flexibility and cost-efficiency, ensuring that the system is built to suit user needs.

Panoramic Images - Multiple Image Alignment (MIA)

For imaging large areas in high magnification, multiple images are acquired using the motorised stage. These images are then automatically aligned and stitched together by the software into a single high-resolution image. Large areas, even the whole slide, can be imaged efficiently in this way.

Automation of multi-dimensional image acquisition 

Multicolour fluorescence images require the acquisition of multiple images using different fluorescence filters. Automating filter switching enables image acquisition with a single click. Acquisition can become complex when different dimensions are combined, such as multicolour, time, XY (MIA) and Z-Stack. Motorisation allows you to automate and thus simplify the process, with all the necessary hardware settings being applied automatically.