BX63 Automated Fluorescence Microscope from Olympus

BX63 Automated Fluorescence Microscope from Olympus

The BX63 is completely motorised and is uniquely focused via the nosepiece rather than stage, which enables the stage to be fixed making it more stable. The motorised stage is also a new feature and is driven by advanced, high-precision, ultrasonic Piezo technology, providing silent, smooth and extremely precise operation. The stage can even be positioned by hand enabling rapid gross sample alignment while highly accurate encoders continuously read-out the X and Y position. The excellent encoding enables the user to set precise coordinates and navigate directly to them at high speed.


Ultrasonic motorised stage

The new, highly accurate, ultrasonic stage of the BX63 is driven by advanced Piezo technology for silent and smooth operation. The precision built-in encoders provide true XY coordination, enabling exact coordinates to be set and navigated to directly at high speed, even if the stage has been positioned by hand. The stage enables the automation of complex imaging procedures, such as MIA and multi-dimensional experiments, using cellSens software.

Unique control of the personal workspace

Every person has a different way of organising his or her own research workspace. Olympus has developed a completely user-defined control concept with its BX63 microscope, which combines detachable manual controllers, a touch panel and software control to allow unmatched workspace personalisation.

Detachable control unit

For hands-on control, the BX63 has an optional remote control unit that can be placed wherever the user feels it would be most convenient, or it can be fixed to the front of the frame. The control unit provides coarse and fine focus knobs, an XY stage controller and push-buttons for efficiently changing between observation methods, objectives and mirror units, and for adjusting light intensity and controlling camera and fluorescence shutters.

Optically ahead of the curve – The UIS2 optical system

At the heart of any light microscope is the quality of the optical system. Olympus UIS2 optical components have been developed to provide the perfect optical system, setting a new standard in precision and clarity. The high NA objectives lenses deliver high resolution, with even the faintest of signals being collected, and they are also optimally corrected for chromatic aberrations.