Babycare 1000 Infant Incubator from Braun

Specifications of Braun Babycare 1000 Infant Incubator are:

  • Air temperature and skin temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration.
  • Micro computer servo controlled. With a RS232 connector.
  • Large LCD displays showing the Air and Skin temperatures, humidity, oxygen concentration as well as the computer menu.
  • 48 hour record working file an optional external printer can also be added to the unit.
  • Sensor module box including: air sensor, skin sensor, humidity sensor and oxygen sensors. The sensor module box is located on the right hand top corner of the double wall hood, collects temp and data parameters in actual.
  • Six quiet operate iris ports.
  • Heating power rate 0-100%.
  • The access panel can be opened on two sides.
  • An isolated alarm system will automatically start if the normal alarm system malfunctions.
  • Tilt of the bassinet can be adjusted stepless.
  • Cabinet stand height can be adjusted Electronically about 200mm.
  • Built in X-Ray Tray under the Bassinet.
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