Babycare 800 Infant Incubator from Braun

Specifications of Braun Babycare 800 Infant Incubator are:

  • Two control modes micro computer servo Controlled: Air and Baby mode.
  • Humidity Control System.
  • Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature, humidity concentration are all displayed separately.
  • >37ºC temperature set function.
  • Audio Visual Alarms for high and low temperature, power failure, probe failure and fan failure.
  • Embedded integrated sensor box.
  • Integrated water reservoir disguised in the shape of a drawer.
  • Double wall hood with an automatic air circulation device.
  • Adjustable inclination of the bassinet.
  • RS232 connector.
  • Built in X-Ray Cassette Drawer.
  • Mounted on a cabinet stand.
  • Complete with Mattress.
  • Stainless Steel I.V. Pole.
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