Babycare 900 Infant Incubator from Braun

Babycare 900 Infant Incubator Specifications are given below:

  • Servo-control by Micro-computer: Air-temp and skin temp, Humidity and Oxygen concentration.
  • With RS232 connector for output of the control data to computer
  • LED displays Air-temp and skin-temp, Humidity and Oxygen concentration, separately
  • 48 hours record working file, external printer (optional)
  • Sensor module box including: Air Sensor, Skin sensor, humidity sensor and oxygen sensors
  • Sensor module box located on right hand top corner of double wall hood, collects temp and data parameter in real-time.
  • Six quiet operate iris ports, ideally situated for rescue operations.
  • Heating power rate 0-100% with clear display on key panel
  • Light touch, waterproof, switch panel.
  • Large platform allowing baby to move freely
  • Back up alarm system is case of initial alarm failure
  • Basinet can be adjusted to a tilt position of 0-5 degrees with a smooth step-less action
  • Double wall prevents heat loss
  • Specially designed wind curtain, prevents heat loss when the access panel is open
  • Adjustable cabinet stand to 200 mm by use of an electronic motor
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