BioProfile FLEX Analyzer from Nova Biomedical

BioProfile FLEX Analyzer from Nova Biomedical

BioProfile is a chemistry/cell viability modular instrument that measures up to 16 key cell culture attributes.

By combining as many as five separate instruments into one easy-to-use instrument, BioProfile FLEX simplifies workflow and saves time, labor, and operating cost versus multiple instruments. Applications of BioProfile FLEX include:

  • Monitoring the progress of bioreactor runs
  • Determining consumption and production of key metabolites
  • Identification of growth-limiting nutrients
  • Design of feeding strategies
  • Calibration of bioreactor probes
  • Measurement of cellular respiration
  • Balancing media electrolytes
  • Control levels of waste product.

Advanced Connectivity:

The BioProfile Connectivity Suite uses OPC (OLE for Process Control), for bi-directional communication with other devices. OPC is an industry-wide standard for open connectivity of devices.

The BioProfile Connectivity Suite integrates BioProfile FLEX with other OPC compliant devices such as bioreactor controllers, data historians, laboratory information management systems, and plant management systems.

  • Easy, plug-and-play connection to OPC compliant devices
  • Bi-directional acknowledgement of connectivity transactions
  • Remote monitoring of BioProfile FLEX status and data.
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