C4742-95-12HR Digital CCD Camera from Hamamatsu

The ORCA-HR is a high resolution digital camera using a large format interline CCD chip with no mechanical shutter. In addition to a high resolution of 10 million pixels, a wide dynamic range of 12 bit digital output and high sensitivity offers a wide application range down to low light level imaging. Peltier cooling drastically reduces dark noise and minimizes thermal drift, which makes the camera an ideal choice for demanding scientific and industrial applications.


  • High resolution of 10 million pixelslife
  • Large format interline CCD chip with no mechanical shutter
  • Vertical overflow drain structure
  • Anti-blooming function
  • Low dark noise with peltier cooling
  • Binning (2×2, 4×4) function to improve sensitivity
  • Shortest exposure time: 330 µs capture fast events
  • Lens coupling: F-mount, ENG (optional)
  • Full remote control from PC via RS-232C
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