C8484-05G02 (ORCA-05G) - Digital CCD Camera, Cooled from Hamamatsu

The C8484-05G02 (ORCA-05) is a cooled high-resolution digital camera using a progressive scan interline CCD chip with no mechanical shutter. In addition to a high resolution of 1.37 million pixels, a wide dynamic range of 12 bit digital output and high sensitivity in the VIS-NIR region offers a wide application range down to low light level imaging.


  • High resolution of 1.37 million pixels
  • High sensitivity in VIS-NIR region
  • Progressive scan interline CCD chip with no mechanical shutter
  • Anti-blooming function
  • Wide dynamic range of 2100 : 1
  • Small readout noise of 10 electrons
  • High frame rate of 43 frame / sec (8 x 8 binning)


  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • DNA chip reader
  • High throughput screening reader
  • Machine vision
  • Metallurgical microscopy
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • X-ray scintillator readout
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