COBE Spectra Apheresis System from Terumo BCT

COBE Spectra Apheresis System from Terumo BCT

Terumo BCT's industry-leading therapeutic apheresis technology, the COBE Spectra Apheresis System, uses a single platform for customized patient procedures that match treatment objectives. These wide-ranging procedures are designed for operator ease of use and control over desired outcome.

The COBE Spectra system is:

The established therapeutic apheresis system with a high rate of customer satisfaction
A versatile centrifugal technology platform that performs customizable procedures for a variety of patients

Customize therapeutic apheresis procedures:

Performs tailored procedures for a wide variety of patients using continuous flow centrifugal technology
Allows customization of procedures to fit operator needs, providing flexibility in therapeutic apheresis and transfusion medicine
Offers a wide array of therapeutic apheresis procedures all on one platform

Leverage choice and automation in cell therapy procedures:

Choice of cell therapy procedures available to meet procedure requirements, including cellular depletions, white blood cell procedures and bone marrow processing
Automation for cell consistency, low extracorporeal volume and high purity with the Mononuclear Cell Collection protocol and the Spectra AutoPBSC program
Matches procedures with individual patients using adaptable controls

Strive for patient and donor comfort and safety:

Delivers dependable performance with an emphasis on patient and donor safety
Monitors pump rates, fluid balance, volumes and manages anticoagulation using system process control

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