CP160 X-ray Imaging System from Faxitron

The smaller, simpler, safer alternative to radioisotope irradiators.  Faxitron’s CP160 is ideal for a variety of irradiation applications, from animal studies to electronics components testing. 

The CP160 comes with a dual focal spot x-ray tube – one spot for irradiation and a smaller spot that’s suitable for imaging.  A 2 RPM electrically operated turntable helps ensure uniform dosing. Controls are user friendly, allowing operation by persons with no previous x-ray training.


  • No additional X-ray shielding required
  • No specialized X-ray knowledge needed to operate
  • Automatic warm-up for extended tube life
  • Dual focal spot tube for irradiation and imaging
  • Electrically operated turntable to ensure uniform dosing 
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