CT8000L Interpretive ECG Machines from seca

Offering all the features of the CT8000P excluding on-screen tracing preview.

  • Equipped to provide paperless ECG options when combined with seca Achimed Passport Patient Record Software allowing transmission of ECG traces into all leading clinical record systems e.g. EMIS, Vision, System One.
  • 12 Channel high quality interpretive ECG with LCD screen for menu navigation and alpha-numeric keyboard.
  • High quality adult and paediatric interpretive software.
  • Easy selection of traces from 12 x 1, 6 x 2 or the popular 4 x 3 plus Rhythm Strip one page report.
  • On-screen lead test and lead-off indication.
  • One touch automatic or instant real time operation.
  • High quality digital filters for clear traces (mains, base line and muscle tremor).
  • Internal memory for up to 45 stored ECG records.
  • All parameters including filters are easily programmed through the on-screen menu for a one touch ECG.
  • Dedicated one touch keys for storing, printing and transmitting.
  • Optional Communication module (built-in Lan and Modem connections).
  • Easy-Load paper tray (220 A4 pages).
  • Upgradeable option for Thrombolysis indication and/or full tracings preview.
  • Mains/rechargeable battery operation.
  • Supplied complete with mains cable, patient cable, pack of z-fold paper, 500 disposable electrodes and alligator clips.
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