Care Plus 4000 Incubator from GE Healthcare

The Care Plus family of incubators delivers a technology for superior thermoregulation with an integrated microprocessor based controller and active double wall construction. This combination helps create the precise and consistent environment so important for the neonate while meeting all the practical clinical needs of the caregiver.

Features and Benefits:

  • Centralized Display of Pertinent Data: Display of patient, air and control temperatures with diagnostic alarms  
  • Bed Tilt Adjustment: The 3000 Series incubator allows a smooth adjustment to 3 degrees and 6 degrees for Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg positions     
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller: Providing precise temperature control and continual self diagnostic checks  
  • Optional Servo Controlled Humidifier: Provides humidity from 40% to 85% RH regardless of incubator or nursery environmental conditions
  • Optional Unique Dovetail Rail System: Provides mounting for IV poles, pumps, shelves and other accessories  
  • Optional In-Bed Scale: Allows for weights to be taken without disturbing the baby. 
  • Standard Humidifier: Provides adjustable levels from 10% to 75% RH depending on environmental conditions
  • Six Large Oval Portholes: Offering lateral access, quiet closing and complete disassembly without tools for cleaning
  • Optional Foot Controlled Elevating Base: Allows the caregiver to raise and lower bed from 88.9 cm to 109.2 cm.  
  • Warm Air Enters Incubator at 10 Degree Angle: Minimizes temperature drops during open door access
  • Exclusive Active Double Wall Construction: Design and air circulation pattern minimizes radiant heat loss
  • Unique Temperature Probe: Combines both incubator air and wall temperature to provide a precisely controlled environment
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