Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometry System from Nexcelom

The Vision CBA System combines the simplicity of image cytometry with the power of flow analysis software to offer user-friendly cell-based assays, featuring:

  • Validated assay kits and reagents

  • Simple staining and analysis procedures

  • Default settings for automated data generation

  • No washing. No clogging. No daily calibration.

Apoptosis Assays
Detect programmed cell death based on Annexin-V binding, Caspase activation, Chromatin condensation, or changes in mitochondrial membrane potential
Aggresome Detection Assay
Detect inclusion body formation in response to the accumulation of aggregating proteins
Autophagy Assay
Detect the breakdown of intra-cellular components by formation of autophagosomes and autolysosomes (special transport vesicles)
Cell Cycle Assays
Determine population distribution by cell cycle phase based on DNA content: resting/growth phase (G0/G1), DNA replication phase (S), cell division phase (G2M)
Multidrug Resistance (MDR) Assay
Detect multidrug resistance based on activity of ABC transporter proteins and the removal of compounds from the cell
Proliferation Assays
Measure cell division based on reduction of original cytoplasmic protein content (and fluorescence intensity) in each generation
Surface Marker Assays
Quantify specific cell populations based on surface marker expression (CD56+ NK cells, CD34+ stem cells, etc.)
Transfection Assays
Determine the efficiency of transfection based on CFP, GFP, mCherry, RFP, TdTomato, or YFP expression
Viability Assays
Measure the number, concentration, and percentage of live and dead cells based on membrane integrity and/or metabolic activity

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