Cellular Research System from InQ

Cellular Research System from InQ

The InQ Cell Research System is the first solution that integrates a dynamic software-controlled lab incubator with advanced live cell imaging and real-time data collection. It creates a true in vivo environment for studying sensitive human and animal cells for disease research. The system's exclusive capability to tightly control environmental parameters with correlated sample feedback creates a new paradigm in stem cell, neuroscience, and other cell-based research. Scientists will be empowered with novel and more relevant approaches to discovery as they pursue the causes of devastating diseases.

The benchtop system goes far beyond the capabilities of a lab incubator. It automates the cell culture process by enclosing the cells in a sealed, sterile removable cartridge that slides into the instrument. An onboard computer precisely controls the flows of nutritive media and gasses and regulates the temperature.

Users will reap the benefits of extended cell growth and unprecedented experiment reproducibility and standardization. Now researchers can simulate hundreds of disease states, including stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer's, and ALS.

A built-in high-resolution microscope and camera perform live cell imaging and record the assay at scheduled intervals. The system can send the images to the researcher anywhere in the world via the Internet and smart phone. Adjustments to the experiment can be made remotely, as well.

The InQ System fits easily into research workflows and integrates with most laboratory information management systems. It requires fewer samples to attain study goals, generates more data points for greater accuracy of results, and dramatically reduces the number of failed experiments.