Classic and Macintosh Fiber Optics Laryngoscope Blades from Heine

Innovative Fiber Optic Technology for advanced performance

  • HEINE HiLite® fiber bundle with 4.3mm dia. and up to 6500 individual micro-fibers for improved light transmission and longer life.
  • Both ends of the large fiber bundle are protected - for life.
  • Integrated Fiber Optics for the best possible illumination.
  • With the alternative of LED or XHL illumination: With either 3x or 40% brighter light as with conventional halogen bulbs.
  • With Classic+ there are no connecting screws to get  lost, no external light pathways to get wrong and no tricky openings or  crevices to get dirty - a major contribution to eliminating  cross-infection.
  • Smooth shape avoids sharp edges and cavities for easy cleaning and sterilizing.
  • These blades need no maintenance - ever.
  • 2.5V battery or 3.5V rechargeable power for even more light.
  • Compatible with all handles to the ISO 7376 (green standard).
  • High quality stainless steel construction.
  • HEINE guarantees all blades with HiLite fiber bundles for 5 years. 4000 standard autoclave cycles of 134 °C / 5min. with more than 1000 lux.
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