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The PulseOx 7500™ is the world's first oxygen monitor for extended monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate to use reflectance pulse oximetry (RPO).
A baby can certainly be fidgety at times. And that’s allowed on the seca 757. It does not matter if the baby’s weight is in the middle of the tray or if the baby moves a little bit, a lot or not at all – the highly sensitive weighing technology with a special damping function makes sure that the movements are equalized.
The Urisys 2400 urine analyzer is designed for laboratories looking for time and cost savings through automation and convenience in system operation, such as easy reagent cassette and sample handling, extended calibration and on-board stability.
The Biosen C-Line by EKF Diagnostics measure glucose and lactate quickly and precisely in clinics, laboratories and sports medicine facilities around the world.
The PM-600 Pupil Distance Meter has features such as PD caluculation at viewing point distance from 30 cm to infinity with one measurement, highly reliable measurement data, large digital display and automatic power-off function.
Bayer’s CONTOUR meter was designed to make testing simple and trouble-free, the blood glucose can be tested with ease and gain better control of the diabetes.
The WJX-1 Hemoglobinometeris an automatic electric hemoglobin-meter, which is a latest generation clinical testing instrument adopted microcomputer, and high intelligence system.
The LipidPlus® Lipid and Glucose Measuring System offers a convenient, accurate and cost-effective way to screen patients for lipid disorders and help manage their treatment. The LipidPlus® Cholesterol Monitor measures total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose, and provides calculated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.
The full featured SmartTrOAE ready for all clinical Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE) applications.
The MXB baby scale offers fast reliable weighing in a safe and secure cradle. The smooth contours help to divert spils and offer secure support. The simple operation makes learning and using the scale hassle free to let you perform quick and accurate weighing.
With its unique cuvette technology, the HemoCue Glucose 201 DM RT System gives you the highest accuracy at the point of care while reducing the risk of spreading infection. Plus, you have the added controls and productivity means made possible with advanced data management.
Ergonomic, convenient and time-saving. Those are the keywords for seca 376. Its extra large tray lets you weigh a seated toddler of up to 20 kg. The adjustable damping function together with the HOLD key makes sure you get fast and accurate measurements.
This module measures end tidal CO2, minimum inspired CO2, and respiratory rate to aid in evaluating the ventilatory status of any patient – adult, child or infant. Accuracy is assured because the module automatically compensates for ambient barometric pressure. Routine calibrations are not required.
YSI glucose and lactate analyzers have been recognized standards for the measurement of blood glucose and lactate for more than a quarter century. The YSI 2300 STAT Plus is known for its exceptional speed, performance and ease of use.
The gentle curvature of MS 3500 weight scale for babies cuddles babies as in mother’s arms and MS 3500 is our way of honoring parent’s love for their new born. Do not just weigh, indulge and weigh the baby with your enduring love. MS3500 baby weighing scale accuracy is as sharp as tip of a pin; track even a slight change in weight of baby.
The PeriFlux System 5000 offers the possibility to monitor transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide using Clark type electrodes. Remote panel systems are available to facilitate use in hyperbaric chambers.
The Vitaport-4 series of ambulatory recorders feature superior recording quality and provide ergonomic comfort for patients during EEG or PSG recordings.
Sleep with greater peace while Babysense2 monitors the breathing movements of your sleeping baby. Should these breathing movements become irregularly slow or not be detected, Babysense2 will alert you audibly and visually.
The Precision Xtra Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System was designed for easy testing. Intuitive setup and simple icon-driven menus help simplify blood glucose monitoring.
KERN Hand grip dynamometer is especially suitable for use in rehabilitation centers. It has 4 modes they are Real time mode: immediately shows the client's current strength, Peak/Max mode: shows the maximum strength of a client's grip, Average mode: Calculates the average strength from two grips and Counting mode: Counts the number of presses which exceed a previously defined strength limit.
The Stanbio Stat-Site MHgb Hemoglobinometer is portable, handheld hemoglobin test system utilizing reflectance photometry. This Hemoglobinometer provides hemoglobin results in a matter of seconds.
At only 3” tall and 7” wide – the Matrx MDM-D is the smallest digital flowmeter on the market and is the flowmeter of choice for those preferring a digital display and simple push button operation.
The simple measurement marking and the underfilling detection are just two of the outstanding features of the 3-in-1 GL50 compact device: lancing device, plug-in USB/on-board software and monitor all in one.
The PACHETT 3 uses the exact enhanced corneal thickness measuring algorithm used in all the DGH pachymeters used exclusively by the OHTS investigators. The DGH Model 555 PACHETTE 3 is capable of measuring and storing up to 25 measurements bilaterally in as little as 1.6 seconds per eye.
The Po₂ monitor TM 900 can be transported and shipped in its original box (approx. 2 kg, depth, 42 cm, width, 30 cm, height, 16 cm).