Clinical & Diagnostics Microinjection Systems Equipment

Microinjection systems are devices used to deliver intracellular or intercellular injections using a micropipette that delivers either a constant- or pulsed-flow. With constant-flow systems, a sample is continuously delivered for however long the needle remains in the cell. A pulsed flow system, however, allows for greater control and consistency over the amount of sample injected, usually resulting in less cell damage than the constant flow technique.

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Fully motorized and computer controlled microinjector. InjectoMate can be used as a stand-alone device mounted on a conventional stereotactic frame, but it is also able to work mounted in combination with StereoDrive's optimal control through the 2D/3D atlas integration.
XenoWorks Analog microinjector has been designed with ease of troubleshooting in mind. While fluid-filled hydraulic microinjectors are the most responsive method of manipulating cells and cellular components, over time they can develop leaks and air bubbles which need to be sealed or purged.
BD Soluvia is a prefillable microinjection system that is integrated with a tiny BD microneedle. It allows a drug or vaccine to be accurately delivered intradermally.
The PLI-100A Pico-Injector reliably delivers injections from femtoliters to nanoliters through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time.
The PM-4 and PM-8 programmable 4 and 8-Channel Pressure Injector systems are designed for one to eight channel intracellular injection and extracellular perfusion.
The Nanoject II is the latest development in the Nanoject family of microinjectors. One of the unique features of the Nanoject II is the use of a higher torque motor than in previous models.
The Xeno Works digital microinjector was designed for precision manipulation of cells via an easy-to-use interface. The digital microinjector employs a self-contained vacuum channel for gentle suspension-cell holding applications.