Clinispin Horizon 842STAT Centrifuge from Woodley

The Clinispin horizon 842STAT is the most compact of the Performance centrifuges. The high speed and force of the centrifuge enables faster cardiac profiling and produces platelet poor plasma with only a 2 minute spin, greatly reducing processing times for Coagulation applications. It is ideal for use in laboratories, Point Of Care, GP surgeries, Anticoagulant clinics and "Out Of Hours" testing.


  • Electronic Timer - selectable from 1 to 30 minutes, m(+/- 1%)
  • Small Footprint - takes up only 30cm2 of space
  • Brushless DC Motor - for smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance
  • Variable Acceleration and Deceleration - customise the run from start to finish
  • Cool Running - unique design allows for cool operation even under the heaviest workloads
  • Single Speed
  • End-Of-Run Audible Indicator - sounds when the rotor has stopped to inform of cycle completion
  • Variable Speed - precision variable speed control gives the operator the ability to select from 500 RPM to the maximum rotor speed in 50 RPM increments
  • Quiet Operation and Low Vibration - Double-encased motor and unique "stability mount" assure quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration
  • Automatic Lid Lock - centrifuge will not run with the lid open; lid canot be opened while samples are spinning
  • Positive Lid Lock - firm mechanical lid lock prevents the escape of material in case of breakage or accident
  • Out-Of-Balance Detection - if an imbalance is detected the centrifuge will come to a safe controlled stop
  • Welded Steel Construction - for strength and durability
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