Colpo-Master II Colposcope from UNICO

Colpo-Master II Colposcope from UNICO

Colpo-Master™ II is a compact Center-Post Colposcope with unique, continuous zoom magnification and sharp focusing for crisp 3-D imaging.

HEAD: Full continuous zoom magnification range: 4-27x with 20x eyepieces. Binocular or videoready Trinocular heads, with 298mm working distance. The field of view (FOV) ranges from 58.5mm at 4x to 8.5mm at 27x.

Dual diopters allow user to independently focus each eyepiece to adjust for the natural vision differential between eyes for viewing comfort.

Sturdy, 5-legged, easy-to-maneuver base slides in and under exam tables for optimal positioning.

A super-bright LED bulb powers the fiber optic illumination, complete with variable intensity rheostat providing ample light for any application. Includes built-in green filter.

Adjustable height center post with smooth suspension system S-Video and digital camera options available, trinocular version with built-in C-Mount Camera adapter.