CyFlow CCA Flow Cytometer from Partec

CyFlow CCA Flow Cytometer from Partec

CyFlow CCA is a dedicated flow cytometer for DNA Cell Cycle Analysis and Cell Counting.

For all applications in cell counting:

  • Eukaryotic cell cultures (mammalian cell cultures | plant cell cultures)
  • Prokaryotic cell cultures
  • Leukocyte counting in depleted blood products
  • Counting of immuno-labelled subtypes
  • Sperm cell counting

For all applications in functional assays:

  • Cell cycle and cell proliferation
  • Viability | life/dead cell counting
  • Apoptosis


  • Precision: High sensitivity flow cytometry for accurate analysis
  • Quick enumeration of total cell count within minutes by True Volumetric Absolute Counting technology
  • Versatility: Combination of absolute cell counting and cell function measurements
  • Cost: Highly economical and affordable cell analysis and cell counting
  • Easy-to-use
  • Live and Dead Cell Counting
  • DNA Histogram
  • Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Ploidy Analysis
  • Cell Size Distribution (based on light scattering characteristics)