DIRA Angiography System

DIRA Angiography System

DIRA Angio system is designed for x-ray surgical procedures on the heart, blood vessels of the brain, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. The system is recommended for ambulances, vascular and cardiology centers, departments of oncology, cardiology and neurology of multifunctional hospitals.

Applications: A Broad Range of Interventional Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

  • studies of the cardiovascular system; 
  • therapeutic interventional procedures; 
  • endovascular interventions;
  • electrophysiological procedures.


  • Modern flat panel detector with high performance efficiency OR 
  • Image Intensifier with a matrix of 1k x 1k pixels


  • High quality equipment is offered at a reasonable price since DIRA itself is a manufacturer of all major components: mechanical parts, detectors, and software; 
  • System assembly, integration and all calibrations are performed at DIRA facilities allowing a variety of options to choose: from an easy plug-n-play solution to a high level of customization of every component.

DIRA Angio is a plug-n-play solution of the world-class quality at an affordable price. Complete angiographic system includes everything needed to equip a radio surgical clinic. No additional equipment is required to start working with the equipment.

DIRA Angio system is supplied together with the highly productive multi-functional DIRA software.