DM2500 P Polarization Microscope from Leica

DM2500 P Polarization Microscope from Leica

Because of its flexibility, the Leica DM2500 P meets the needs of both basic to advanced examinations where high-quality polarization equipment is required. There are many different configurations available.

The versatile instrument options not only fulfill many application requirements, but also the budget.


Five-position Centerable Nosepiece:

The Leica DM2500 P offers, unique for this class of microscope, a five-position centerable nosepiece. The microscope can be equipped with different objectives for specific tasks.

Flexible Conoscopy:

  • The advanced module with centerable, focusable Bertrand lens; pinhole; and extended field of view is ideal for transmitted light and incident light microscope configurations. 
  • Two standard modules with centerable, focusable Bertrand lens or pre-focussed Bertrand lense only, built-in analyzer, and integrated pinhole, are suitable for transmitted light microscope configurations.
  • The Bertrand lens cube is centerable and pre-focused for microscope configurations with an incident light axis.

Strain Free Objectives Designed for the Application:

For reliable investigations of birefringence materials, Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of  polarization objectives. Select from a variety of objectives designed for qualitative and quantitative polarization.

Polarisation equipment:

Leica Microsystems offers a a broad range of different polarizers and analyzers. You can choose the combination that best fits your application. Leica Microsystems’ polarization equipment is designed according to the DIN 58 879.

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