Erenna Immunoassay System from Singulex

Erenna Immunoassay System from Singulex

The Erenna Immunoassay System is the most sensitive immunoassay instrument available, utilizing patented digital single-molecule detection for high-precision quantification of low-abundance biomarkers.

The proprietary background reduction methodology extends the dynamic range to over 4 logs, allowing researchers and drug developers to use biomarkers to measure drug efficacy, safety, disease state and disease progression. Singulex immunoassays offer improved sensitivity, precision, and specificity over existing assay methods.

The Erenna Immunoassay System includes a fully integrated benchtop analytical instrumentation with dedicated software for automated data analysis.

Singulex uses the power of high-definition technology to accelerate your biomarker development pipeline, enabling research into innovative drug therapies and diagnostic tools of tomorrow. The ADVANCED DIGITAL DETECTION of the Erenna Immunoassay System accelerates your research with award-winning SINGLE-MOLECULE RESOLUTION.

Low-abundance biomarker:

  • conserve high-value specimens
  • multi-marker risk assesment panels
  • low-abundance biomarker development
  • predictive, Dx & prognostic biomarkers
  • clinical development & validation
  • translation to serum/plasma from other specimen types (CSF, tissue lysates, etc.)

PhI/II/III Clinical Study Benefits:

  • target validation & MOA
  • PK/PD for biologics
  • micro-dosing studies
  • cardiotoxcicity with cTnI
  • low-abundance surrogate markers
  • patient selection & responder status
  • early safety & efficacy studies