Focus Oxygen Concentrator from AirSep

At less than 2 lbs. (0.8 kg), Focus by AirSep, is the world’s smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator (POC) available anywhere. This ultra lightweight POC is easy to use and never needs refilling. Simply plug it into an AC or DC power outlet, or operate it on battery for unlimited oxygen. Vacations, trips, and other special events are now possible — whether just around the corner or around the world.

The search for an oxygen portable that is not too heavy ends with Focus. One can regain confidence and independence today and feel the difference a lighter, wearable portable O2 system can make for ambulation.

Before Focus entered the market, many patients formerly indicated that even the most lightweight oxygen system offerings available were simply too heavy for their mobility needs. Now you can find out if the new Focus POC is the O2 solution for you or a loved one by seeking a demonstration of this unique product. 

With the use of POCs, one learns to manage power source availability, rather than gas or liquid-based contents that would need constant refilling. The universal power supply, which is packaged with every Focus unit, enables you to operate the concentrator on AC power or even DC power from an automobile as well as to recharge the batteries.

Focus is the most miniaturized and convenient medical device for reliable oxygen-making capability. This POC is also packaged with both a convenient Velcro belt and a shoulder strap so that the unit may be easily worn around the waist or carried, depending on preference. All accessories fit into the convenient carry-all bag. In addition, an optional AirBelt extends battery time an additional four hours between recharges. 

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