G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Inogen One

The Inogen One G2 portable oxygen concentrator delivers independence & mobility to medical oxygen users. The Inogen One G2 is small, lightweight, and sustains a long battery life, meaning that it can be transported easily and never need to worry about re-filling or running out of oxygen.

Freedom and mobility are made possible by the compact and sleek frame of the Inogen One G2. It weighs just 7.25 pounds including the battery, and it measures 10.7 inches in length, 3.9 inches in width, and 9.5 inches in height. Oxygen flow runs on a pulse dose delivery system, and there are five flow settings to accommodate a majority of oxygen therapy patients.

The Inogen One G2 is a single solution oxygen concentrator – not just the mobile concentrator, but the round-the clock concentrator. It is intended for use at home, away, and for travel (approved on all US airlines). If medical oxygen is required, an Inogen One oxygen concentrator affords the freedom and independence to do, without the heavy burden of an oxygen tank. 

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