Giraffe Incubator from GE Healthcare

The most advanced, user-friendly and developmentally supportive microenvironment available today; combining state of the art technology, innovative design and exceptional thermal performance to create an unsurpassed healing environment for intensively ill infants.

Features & Benefits
Dovetail Rail Mounting System
Provides mounting for full line of GE Healthcare accessories
Patented Baby Susan Rotating Mattress
This unique rotating mattress allows the clinician to rotate the bed 360 degrees for optimal patient access
Dual Access Doors and Gumdrop Shaped Portholes
Maximizing accessability and comfort for the caregiver
Large Pass Through Drawer with Sliding Organizer
Provides ample storage for blankets, diapers and family items
Large 19" Mattress
Provides clinicians with space to care for larger babies or multiple bedding
Integrated X-ray Cassette Tray
Minimizes patient disturbances and X-ray may be taken in open or closed bed mode.
Centralized Control Unit for Maximum Accessibility
Provides accessibility from either side of the bed while providing excellent viewing of all equipment and patient parameters throughout the room while maximizing floor space
Fully Upgradable Microprocessor Controller
Providing precise temperature control in servo and manual modes while continually running self-diagnostic checks
Elevating Base
Elevates to accommodate taller caregivers or special procedures and lowers for seated family members.
Internally Activated Bed Tilt
This internal bed tilt is smooth and continuous through 0-12 degrees in Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positions and can be activated with one hand

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