HI 901 Automatic Titration System from Hanna Instruments

The HI 901 is an automatic titrator that compliments our wide range of products dedicated to quick and accurate laboratory analysis. This titration system is provided with a host of numerous features suitable for routine sample analysis and performs acid/base, potentiometric and amperometric titrations. The HI 901 can also drive two pumps separately.

  • Precise dosing system (accuracy under 0.1% of burette volume)
  • Supports up to 10,000 titration methods (standard and user defined)
  • Clip Lock™ — change burettes quickly with auto burette recognition
  • Dynamic/Linear dosing feature
  • Fixed end point potential or pH
  • Equivalence point detection (first derivative and second derivative)
  • The results are displayed directly in the selected units
  • Titration graph can be displayed on-screen and saved
  • User customized reports can be printed, saved on floppy disk or transferred to PC via RS232 interface
  • Reminders for titrant age and standardization expiration
  • Self diagnostic features for peripheral devices including pump, valve, burette and stirrer
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