Hallowell EMC Model 2002 Anesthesia Machine

Hallowell EMC Model 2002 Anesthesia Machine

The Hallowell EMC Model 2002 is an electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure limited ventilator.

Time cycled -- Insures consistent, repetitious, dependable breathing at respiratory rates adjustable from 6 - 40 breaths per minute.

Volume constant -- Insures that each delivered breath will have essentially the same volume, independent of changes in patient compliance and airway resistance. The deliverable tidal volume (TV) range is from 20 cc to 3,000 cc.

Pressure Limited -- Provides for patient safety by limiting the maximum working pressure (MWPL) to an adjustable pressure range of 10 - 60 cm H2O.

Interchangeable bellows and housings ventilator system is designed to be used with animals ranging in weight from 1 to 200 kg.

Easily adaptable to all anesthesia circuits with out-of-circuit vaporizers.

Replaces the breathing bag in any anesthesia system that utilizes a precision vaporizer, be it rebreathing (RB) or non-rebreathing (NRB). .

Inspiratory flow rates of 0 to 100 lpm can be utilized over the full range of 6 to 40 breaths per minute (BPM) to the tidal volume limit of the bellows and housing in use.

Ascending bellows design.

Economical use of supply gas is inherent in an electronically controlled ventilator.

Inspiratory Hold mode. The breathing cycle may be paused at the end of the current or next inspiration for as long as the inspiratory hold button is held depressed unless the set MWPL is exceeded.

Additional alarm details. All alarms, audio and visual, are automatically reset when the condition is corrected.

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