Hemo Control Hemoglobinometer from EKF Diagnostics

The EKF Hemo Control hemoglobin analyser uses the innovative NXT microcuvette technology to deliver a quick and easy sampling procedure that also minimises waste. NXT microcuvettes have been designed with a large opening to collect the blood sample, meaning that users can hold the cuvette at almost any angle to gather the blood sample from the patient. The NXT microcuvette also features a slot at the rear of the sample chamber that allows trapped air to escape. Trapped air in a blood sample will deliver inaccurate results, so by getting it right first time the Hemo Control NXT microcuvette keeps costs and patient discomfort to a minimum.

Once a sample has been taken the Hemo Control's built-in ‘soft-load’ microcuvette holder ensures that blood does not splash out when it is inserted into the analyser. This minimises the risk of contanimating the analyser for future use.

Patient results are obtained within 25 seconds and can be saved to the memory of Hemo Control to be downloaded at a later date.

Hemo Control also makes the management of patient data simple. Hemo Control Manager has been designed to allow users to quickly and securely manage and analyse test results. The analyser's software allows users to seamlessly link to a PC and then transfer data to an Information Management System.

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