High Speed Cooled Digital CCD Camera, VGA resolution from Hamamatsu

The C9300-221 is a high-speed cooled digital camera using a high-speed interline transfer CCD chip with on chip micro-lens. In addition to a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, low noise performance realizes 12 bit digital output even with 82 frames per second. The dual readout mode realizes 150 frames per second with full resolution. The high frame rate along with the low noise readout makes the camera an ideal choice for demanding scientific and industrial applications.


  • High resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
  • High frame rate of 150 Hz at full resolution
  • Low readout noise of 20 electrons (r.m.s.)
  • Large fullwell capacity of 20.000 electrons
  • Wide spectral sensitivity from blue to NIR
  • Low dark current due to peltier cooling
  • Fast repetition readout mode for PIV


  • IR-DIC imaging
  • Calcium ion imaging
  • (Fluorescent probe: Fura-2, Fluo-2, Indo-1)
  • Bright fluorescent imaging
  • Membrane potential measurement
  • (Di-8-ANEPPS, DiBAC4)
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