IN Cell Analyzer 2000 from GE Healthcare

IN Cell Analyzer 2000 from GE Healthcare

IN Cell Analyzer 2000 is a versatile wide field imaging system that is impressively enabling for cell analysis, with the performance to meet your HCA needs, every day.

  • From investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening
  • From organelles to cells to tissues to whole organisms
  • From fixed end-point assays to extended live-cell studies

High-performance hardware and advanced software enable you to perform a wide variety of previously challenging experiments with a single instrument, and a dedicated team of specialists ensure IN Cell Analyzer instruments stay at the forefront of high-content analysis with an onging development programme.

For screening applications:

A combination of proprietary optics, a choice of large or standard chip camera and fast hardware and software autofocus delivers accurate, high-speed imaging for screening applications. A bright light source reduces exposure times to further maximize speed without compromising image quality and cell health while the rapid image restoration options allow confocal-like images to be obtained without loss of assay signal. System components have been subjected to rigorous accelerated lifetime testing using GE's six sigma performance guidelines to ensure reliability.

Instrument configurations:

IN Cell Analyzer 2000 can be configured to specification through a range of optional modules and accessories, allowing you to build the instrument you need now, or to upgrade as your needs evolve. 

The standard instrument includes: 

  • Software & Hardware autofocus functions
  • Selected polychroics and filters
  • 2-D image restoration (deconvolution) modes
  • Automated objective and polychroic changing

Optional modules and accessories include:

  • Environmental control 
  • Liquid handling 
  • Temperature control 
  • Transmitted light imaging
  • Slide imaging
  • 3D deconvolution software module
  • Large (2048 x 2048 pixels) or standard (1392 x 1040 pixels) chip CCD camera
  • Wide range of magnification (2x to 100x) and high numerical aperture (NA) objectives 
  • (up to 0.95 NA)"
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