JEM-1400 Transmission Electron Microscope from Jeol

The JEM-1400 is a high performance, high contrast, 120kV TEM with excellent imaging and analytical capabilities in one compact, easy-to-use instrument. With an acceleration voltage of 40 to 120kV, the JEM-1400 is suitable for biological, polymer and materials science applications.

The new JENIE™ software included with the JEM-1400 offers a set of tutorials and user guides designed to help beginning microscopists familiarize themselves with the microscope, but also allows experienced users to explore and understand advanced features. The Windows™ GUI is programmed with the latest in Windows™ based technologies and allows remote operation and communication between groups via a TCP/IP connection and a web browser.

The JEM-1400 also supports optional STEM digital imaging/scanning circuitry which displays STEM images (BF/DF) on the standard GUI. An EDS can be added for elemental mapping.

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