JEM-3100F Transmission Electron Microscope from Jeol

The JEM-3100F field emission transmission electron microscope has a resolution of 0.17 nm, the best available for this class of microscope. The high resolution of the JEM-3100F is especially effective in the testing of nano technology materials. The control system uses state-of-the-art digital technology, and substantially enhances ease of operation.

With an accelerating voltage of 300 kV, the JEM-3100F is suitable for process testing, and is capable of inspecting relatively thick semiconductor devices sectioned by a focused ion beam at high throughput.

The JEM-3100F is an indispensable tool in a wide range of applications from research and development to manufacturing; including biology, basic materials research and development, failure analysis, and quality control.


  • Resolution of 0.17 nm, the best available for this class of microscope
  • High brightness, high stability Schottky electron gun ideal for analysis
  • New 5 axis motor drive goniometer for enhanced stage accuracy
  • Fully digitized control for ease of operation
  • Upgraded to support micro area elemental analysis when JEOL’s scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) system and an energy dispersive X-ray analyzer (EDS) are incorporated

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