LF-GP Laryngoscope from Olympus

As part of the PortaView®-LF series, the LF-GP is a complete, all-in-one portable solution for emergency, bedside, operating room, and ICU tracheal intubations. Compatible with single-lumen endotracheal tubes with an internal diameter as small as 5mm, as well as double-lumen tubes 37Fr. or greater, the LF-GP is the most versatile scope of the PortaView-LF series. The scope's superb optics and integrated miniature light source result in bright, high-resolution images for observation. In addition, the LF-GP offers an expanded view-field size - 2.2x larger than our LF-2 scope - for even greater image detail.


  • Integrated miniature light source for portability.
  • 4.1mm insertion tube outer diameter allows for easier insertion.
  • 1.5mm channel provides for increased suction capability.
  • Delivers images with a diameter 2.2x larger than the LF-2 for improved observation with a video system.
  • Olympus optical technology produces high-quality images for observation.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Waterproof for thorough reprocessing.
  • Compatible with conventional light sources and video systems for versatility.
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