LF-TP Laryngoscope from Olympus

A large suction channel is at the center of the LF-TP, increasing the capability to suction even highly viscous sputa. The large 2.6mm diameter channel incorporated into an insertion tube with an outer diameter of only 5.2mm makes this scope compatible with most single-lumen tracheal tubes used for adults. The scope also has a sleek and lightweight design so this highly-portable instrument can be utilized either in emergency situations, at the bedside, in an operating room, or in an ICU. An advanced optical system combines with the scope's integrated miniature light source to provide clear and vivid images.


  • Integrated miniature light source for portability.
  • Compatible with single lumen endotracheal tubes with an internal diameter of 6.0mm or greater.
  • 2.6mm channel provides for increased suction capability.
  • Olympus optical technology produces bright, high-quality images for observation.
  • Extended battery life provides power for longer period of time
  • Waterproof for thorough reprocessing.
  • Compatible with conventional light sources and video systems for versatility.
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