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Featured Medical Devices
The Zetasizer Nano S is a research grade dynamic light scattering system for sub-micron particle and molecular size and molecular weight measurement that combines performance and versatility with exceptional ease of use.
The FDSS7000EX is the high-end model capable of handling 1536-well assays and measuring both fluorescence and luminescence, and is equipped with a variety of functions such as multiple washing.
The twin-column ProLine testing machine is specially designed for function-testing components and for routine materials testing.
The ElectroForce Series II 3330 test instrument is well-suited for a variety of tests that include ASTM and ISO standards tests for medical devices, materials characterization, and long-term durability studies.
The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is the world’s highest performance system and particularly suitable for the characterization of proteins and nanoparticles where the highest sensitivity for size and zeta potential measurement is required.e
Other Medical Devices
The RayCatcher is a 1536, 384 and 96 well plate-compatible luminmeter for chemiluminescent and bio-luminescent assays featuring improved sensitivity, increased microplate versatility, and walk away operation.
The Brooks -80°C BioStore is designed to ensure sample integrity as a first priority. The configuration of the storage system ensures that sample temperature remains stable during storage and that temperature fluctuation during storage is virtually eliminated.
The Thermo Scientific Finesse ME+ microtome is one of the safest, most comfortable, and user-friendly microtomes available at an affordable price.
SIGMA 2-16 KHL is the heated version of 2-16KL. It is a universal laboratory centrifuge for swing-out and angle rotors.
Engineered to withstand the rigors of the process environment, Insitec Dry particle size analyzers use laser diffraction technology to measure particles in the size range 0.1 to 2500 µm.
Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent Microplate Fluorometer is a compact and robust instrument with excellent optical performance for a variety of research applications.
Bose has developed the ElectroForce planar biaxial TestBench instrument for the characterization of soft tissues and biomaterials. The instrument consists of four Bose linear motors mounted on a horizontal baseplate and two load cells, one for each axis of loading.
SK-L180-pro digital linear shaker provides smooth and quiet motions for mixing in culture dishes, flasks and beakers.
The GloMax-96 Microplate Luminometer is a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer that meets the requirement for high sensitivity and broad dynamic range that is necessary for chemiluminescent and bioluminescent applications.
Arrayit offers the InnoScan 710 and 710AL, the world’s latest next generation microarray scanners with greater sensitivity and lower background, proprietary rotary motion control, dynamic auto-focusing, 2-color fluorescence detection, 3 µm scan resolution, 3 minute scan times and complete software.
The LightCycler Nano Instrument is an ultracompact real-time PCR system, supporting state-of-the-art technology for fast PCR protocols.
We set a new standard in capillary electrophoresis with the 8-capillary 3500 and 24-capillary 3500xL Genetic Analyzers.
Synergy 2 Alpha is a microplate reader dedicated to the life science research applications of Alpha-based assay technologies
The WESWOX Hand Microtome is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals. It is considered as the basic form of a microtome permitting microtomic cuts by hand in a quick and accurate way.
Fast and remarkably simple, the Discover SP-D changes the laboratory paradigm for microwave digestion.
Exhaust air 100,000 times more effectively than conventional two-filter systems with the Thermo Scientific Herasafe KSP Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, which features best-in-class airflow and filter technology. These units are perfect wherever protection and safety are of the utmost importance—in biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical and clinical facilities.
The Artemis K-101 has been designed for optimum performance with CISbio´s HTRF reagents. The HTRF approved instrument is extremely easy to use and guarantees superior performance even with demanding applications.
The new standard in large-scale customizable bioprocess equipment adheres to cGMP and GaMP guidelines. New Brunswick Scientific’s fully modular fermentors and bioreactors offer a unique solution for pilot through production-scale bioprocessing, combining quick delivery, dependable operation and system flexibility, all at an affordable price.
The PLI-100A Pico-Injector reliably delivers injections from femtoliters to nanoliters through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time.
Lightweight and easy to install, the Parsum IPP 70-SL probe, comes in lengths up to 4m and delivers in situ, real-time size and velocity measurements for solid particles up to 6000µm in size.
A true double-beam spectrometer. The SavantAA can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements. The basic instrument includes advanced features such as programmable gasbox, 8 lamp turret with auto alignment of lamps, optimization of wavelength and slit width and setting of the lamp current.
A 120W motor is utilized in the BLW Series with the purpose of agitating high viscosity liquids, and the torque has been further increased in this Three-One Motor.
In general, liquid-liquid extraction is applied where alternative separation technologies such as distillation are uneconomical, or even unsuitable.
The ElectroPrep system is an extremely versatile sample prep technology developed by Harvard/AmiKa scientists. This patented, electrophoresis-based system is ideal for the rapid purification of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and other biomolecules.
Alpha unit thermal cyclers reaction modules are available in several formats.