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Featured Medical Devices
The twin-column ProLine testing machine is specially designed for function-testing components and for routine materials testing.
The ElectroForce Series II 3330 test instrument is well-suited for a variety of tests that include ASTM and ISO standards tests for medical devices, materials characterization, and long-term durability studies.
The FDSS7000EX is the high-end model capable of handling 1536-well assays and measuring both fluorescence and luminescence, and is equipped with a variety of functions such as multiple washing.
The Zetasizer Nano S is a research grade dynamic light scattering system for sub-micron particle and molecular size and molecular weight measurement that combines performance and versatility with exceptional ease of use.
The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is the world’s highest performance system and particularly suitable for the characterization of proteins and nanoparticles where the highest sensitivity for size and zeta potential measurement is required.e
Other Medical Devices
Save time, energy and money with Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 Class II, Type A2 Bio Safety Cabinets. These biological safety cabinets deliver excellent design and technology advancements such as superior protection with proprietary airflow design, exceptional ergonomics for a safe and comfortable environment and outstanding energy efficiency for operational cost savings.
The EM Electromantle series features a durable, chemically resistant polypropylene outer housing that minimises damage from spills. They allow for maximum heat transfer with minimal risk of flask breakage.
The MET ONE 7000 remote air particle counters provide high accuracy non-viable particle monitoring for cGMP/FDA compliance.
The Accusys 211 is the next evolution of the highly successful Buck 210-VGP, incorporating all of the features of the 210VGP along with an automatic Gas box for easy Nitrous oxide switchover. The 211 also has a hands free ignition for added safety.
The HXC-1308A blood bank refrigerator has five alarms fanction they are High/Low temperature alarm, Power off alarm, Door alarm, Senor failure alarm, Battery low power alarm.
The NS300 can visualize and measure particles in suspension in the size range 10-2000nm (depending on material) and addresses the needs of a wide variety of applications.
The NucleoCounter uses the same basic principles to determine cell concentration as used in conventional methodology involving a hemacytometer and microscope. However, the NucleoCounter adds the precision and reliability of fluorescence microscopy technology to automate this time-consuming task, eliminating manual evaluation and errors caused by operator subjectivity.
Protect samples in research labs, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics with Thermo Scientific™ Safe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. Combined with the Night-set-back mode (reduced blower speed when the window is closed), the Safe 2020 BSC consumes hundreds of kilowatts less energy than competing cabinets, saving money and reducing the lab carbon footprint.
The MF series offers a variety of speeds and separations that adapt to all types of applications.A large choice of accessories, combined with the AweLock system, respond to the different needs and centrifugation protocols of the laboratory.
Synergy H4 with Hybrid Technology is a patented multi-mode detector that combines the optical systems of Synergy Mx and Synergy 2 in one compact instrument.
TorsionLine testing machines with maintenance-free AC servo drives are designed for single-axis torsion tests under weight loading. They have a torque range from 20 Nm to 2000 Nm and a horizontal torsion axis.
4-5L centrifuge are designed for heavy-duty use in medical laboratories, these SIGMA centrifuges are also well suited for the high requirements in research laboratories, e.g. for investigation of water pollution in environmental research laboratories.
The Attune® Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer delivers higher sensitivity when needed most.
The compact HC table-top testing machines are great space-savers. With the testing actuator mounted in the upper crosshead and the series-standard T-slotted platform, flexure and component tests can be performed in addition to standard tests.
Based on the proven technology of its predecessors the Apollo 11 sets new targets for microplate absorbance readers by introducing its new unlimited life-time LED light source technology. The Apollo 11 is ideally suited for all common ELISAs, assay for monitoring enzyme activities and protein and DNA quantification assays.
The Thermo Scientific MicroCL 17 and 21 microcentrifuges combine productivity, versatility, safety and convenience in a compact, easy to-use lab instrument. Coupled with our extensive rotor selection, achieve the speed and versatility you need to carry out complex as well as simple protocols.
The UltraCLAVE shares Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology with the UltraWAVE, offering all the same great benefits.
The MET ONE R4800 and R4900 series remote air particle counters are affordable, reliable and provide accurate data in particle monitoring systems.
The PVS is a dynamic coaxial cylinder, controlled shear rate rheometer allowing quick and easy viscosity measurements under pressure at temperatures where sample boil-off is a problem.
Minisart NML syringe filters for fast and reliable filtration of small to medium volumes. Complete ready-to-connect filter units are trusted in the laboratory. The reason: they eliminate time consuming preparatory work, such as changing out the filter and cleaning the filtration system.
The Inhalation Exposure System provides reproducible animal exposure to droplet-borne contaminants and infectious agents. It also produces deep-lung infections that more closely simulate real-world circumstances.
Steelco ID 300 drying cabinet is available in single door or double door pass-through version with glass door for a rapid visual inspection of the stored item.
The BenchPro 4100 Western Processing System is designed to eliminate the need for manual processing of routine liquid-handling steps. With an on-board CPU and an intuitive interface, the BenchPro system makes it easy to create and run western protocols reproducibly and error-free.
The HXC-158 blood bank refrigerator has five alarms fanction they are High/Low temperature alarm, Power off alarm, Door alarm, Senor failure alarm, Battery low power alarm. It also has three type of alarm for various functions, they are visible light alarm, audible buzzer alarm and remote alarm.
The PikoReal Real-Time PCR System is designed to fit into the lab, even when bench-top space is limited. Offering an exceptionally small footprint this qPCR instrument is ideal for personal use and light enough for field applications.