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Blot analysis units include all the components required to automate the processing, imaging, and analysis of gels and blots for protein detection. Automated processors can wash, block, and incubate blots, and may even recycle the primary antibody. Modern designs include touch-screen displays and advanced digital imaging technology to enable convenient and accurate interpretation.

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The BenchPro 4100 Western Processing System is designed to eliminate the need for manual processing of routine liquid-handling steps. With an on-board CPU and an intuitive interface, the BenchPro system makes it easy to create and run western protocols reproducibly and error-free.
The system allows to program the automatic reagent distribution (from 1 to 7 in the standard version or from 1 to 13 as option). The shaking operation, made through the worktop oscillation can be optimized by setting the speed and the amplitude of the shaking movement.
The ProfiBlot 48 provides reliability and increased productivity by automating all key protocol steps of Western Blot processing, such as time consuming washing- and incubation procedures.
The C-DiGit blot scanner is a truly affordable digital replacement for film that combines the sensitivity of film with the convenience and flexibility of digital imaging.
The Blotray-866 auto blot processor can Automatically process of up to 40 strips per run. It has high presicion volume dispensing.
The BlotCycler automates western blot development and processing. BlotCycler, automated western processor, will process the blot through all washing, blocking, and incubation steps.
The FluorChem FC3 System provides a complete array of image acquisition modes for common fluorescent and chemiluminescent applications.
Enhancer allows for the rapid application of up to 384 protein or nucleic acid samples on to a 12 x 9cm membrane for subsequent analysis. Samples are applied to a nitrocellulose or nylon membrane by capillary action, resulting in concentration of sample due to minimal diffusion.
This imager is based upon the LI-COR industry-standard Odyssey Classic system. The Odyssey CLx provides better data with its proven quantitative Western blot capability, while not compromising on the sensitivity researchers have grown accustomed to with film.
The Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System offers two-channel infrared detection with the same sensitivity and broad dynamic range as the more versatile Odyssey CLx or Classic Infrared Imaging System but at a lower price.
The BlotCycler-Flex allows to process blots anytime even during meetings or overnight. No need to wait until the next morning to start processing. For western blot it performs all steps after protein transfer to membrane: shaking, blocking, hybridization and washing.
In MPX (Multiplexer) blotting system, the screen multiple samples and multiple targets all on the same blot. Cutting, stripping, cross-contamination are avoided.
The ProfiBlot T48 is Tecan’s smart and reliable Blot Processor, designed to improve productivity and reproducibility by automating Southern Blot & Western Blot assays running within the temperature specifications of the instrument.
The Belvedere Thermo is an automatic processor for western blot with heating option. The working plan and reagents heating temperature can be programmed from RT up to 60°C.
The FluorChem HD2 System delivers higher sensitivity and a broader dynamic range than film can provide at similar exposure times. Captured images are saved digitally, making them easy to import into presentations and reports.
The multiplex fluorescent detection and chemiluminescent imaging capabilities of the FluorChem Q provide a complete solution for quantitative Western blot imaging and analysis.
The TrinBlot System, from Trinity Biotech, is a fully automated, programmable Western Blot strip processor offering freedom from conventional Western Blot (WB) testing.
FluorChem E’s innovative compact design incorporates state-of-the-art CCD optical technology with simplified touch screen control for effortless detection of chemiluminescent, colorimetric and UV fluorescent gels and blots.