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Featured Equipment
The Panasonic MCO-19M(UV) multi-gas incubator is designed for a wide array of demanding and highly regulated applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical research and clinical laboratory.
The Zetasizer Nano S is a research grade dynamic light scattering system for sub-micron particle and molecular size and molecular weight measurement that combines performance and versatility with exceptional ease of use.
The twin-column ProLine testing machine is specially designed for function-testing components and for routine materials testing.
The Microlab NIMBUS workstation is a compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler that offers speed, flexibility, ease of use and superior pipetting performance – at a surprisingly affordable price.
The Panasonic MCO-5M-PE automatic air jacket multi-gas incubator provides precise CO2 and O2 level controls to realize a stable cell culture environment. It features multiple-patented technologies to safely achieve in-vitro performance.
The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is the world’s highest performance system and particularly suitable for the characterization of proteins and nanoparticles where the highest sensitivity for size and zeta potential measurement is required.e
The FDSS7000EX is the high-end model capable of handling 1536-well assays and measuring both fluorescence and luminescence, and is equipped with a variety of functions such as multiple washing.
Other Equipment
The new WS-4 is our smallest free-standing table that offers our signature ½-Hz performance. It consists of a sturdy stand and our standard BM-1 vibration isolation platform.
The Thermo Scientific HM 355S automatic rotary microtome is an electronic, motorized rotary microtome that sections safely even the largest specimens with unmatched quality.
The NanoZoomer 2.0-RS series is a system that converts glass slides into digital slides by scanning them quickly at high resolutions. It processes up to max. 210 slides automatically using its dedicated slide cassettes.
Steelco ID 300 drying cabinet is available in single door or double door pass-through version with glass door for a rapid visual inspection of the stored item.
Microprocessor controlled with heated, non-drip spigot. A clear lid permits easy viewing of paraffin without contamination.
The Bioreactors - Fermenters of the I series are highly automated fermentation systems, available from 200 litres up to 30 m3 fully customised.
The LR 660-2 refrigerator +10°C is a biomedical fridge with two cabinets, each with its own controller, which makes it optimal if you need flexible storage of samples. The LR 660-2 refrigerator offers a high temperature stability and has user-friendly features.
The most high-end class accurate and reliable laser diffraction particle sizing instrument HORIBA Partica LA-950V2 has been upgraded to the LA-960.
The 12-port Nose-Only Exposure Inhalation System is the original directed-flow system developed by Dr. Jaeger. These systems are widely used around the world by many research groups on the cutting edge of the inhalation toxicology research.
Thermo Scientific* Revco blood bank refrigerators are designed to meet strict requirements established by the AABB, ANRC, and FDA for storage of whole blood and blood components.
Accelerate your workflow with breakthrough Load & Go technology that eliminates manual pipetting steps.
The Cairn Aura phase contrast illuminator allows true Zernike phase contrast with a working distance up to 180 mm for your most demanding experiments. Based on work conducted by Kevin Webb and Nick Johnston at the University of Nottingham the Aura uses concentric rings of super-bright LEDs in place of the conventional condenser and phase rings.
The FOTO/Phoresis UV Transilluminator is ideal for safe visualization and photography of DNA mini-gels without leaving the lab bench. A UV-blocking, safety interlocking cover makes it possible to safely view the gel without the use of UV blocking eyeglasses.
Roby 25 Syringe Filters for robotic systems were developed specifically for automated sample filtration systems. Whatman offers Roby Syringe Filters with various membranes. For difficult-to-filter samples, Roby Syringe Filters are also available with membranes plus an integral glass fiber prefilter.
miVac is a range of centrifugal vacuum concentrators and freeze driers capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials. miVac concentrators come in 2 sizes, the smaller Duo and a larger Quattro.
The BlueLine K-LAB Vertical Chromatography refrigerators are adapted for gel-filtration and chromatography techniques that have to be executed in a cold environment.
The blood bank fridge BL-100 can be installed normally and also in an undercounter-type installation. Door coupling fittings or decorative frames are available at an extra cost. When the device is being installed as a stand-alone unit we can optionally supply a matching tabletop.
The Erenna Immunoassay System is the most sensitive immunoassay instrument available, utilizing patented digital single-molecule detection for high-precision quantification of low-abundance biomarkers.
The classic micromanipulator developed by Sir Huxley many years ago is still considered by many investigators to be the finest manual micromanipulator available. The MP-85 offers the advantage of a very large range of movement with its built-in coarse manipulator and precise submicron movement with the fine controls.
Polycap AS (Aqueous Solution) is a product recommended for filtering aqueous solutions. It combines a glass microfiber (GMF) prefilter and a nylon membrane, prolonging the life of the filter and allowing larger volumes and difficult samples to be filtered easily.
The automated NucleoCounter system for mammalian culture uses the same basic principles to determine cell concentration as used in conventional methodology involving a hemacytometer and microscope. However, the compact NucleoCounter system adds the precision and reliability of fluorescence microscopy technology.
The Eppendorf PiezoXpert provides piezo-assisted micromanipulation, enabling simple penetration in cells for microinjection or micromanipulation.
Fast, cool and versatile, our top-of-the-line, high-performance microcentrifuges are the Microfuge 20 Series. These benchtop dynamos are precisely designed to meet the application needs.
Active vibration isolation workstation comprises of ergonomic rigid frame, guarding armrest and supplied with three modifications of active vibration isolation system: 1. 1TS-140 with solid surface 2. 1TS-140B with honeycomb breadbord 1HB05-06-025-001 and 3. 1TS-140B-AL with aluminium breadbord 1B-AL-50-60-015
The industry's leading high shear fluid processor just got better. With simplified usage controls, cooler operation, and reduced weight and noise, the new M-110P lab homogenizer is setting gold standards all over again. Read about all the improvements in the product announcement.