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Featured Equipment
The Panasonic MCO-19M(UV) multi-gas incubator is designed for a wide array of demanding and highly regulated applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical research and clinical laboratory.
The twin-column ProLine testing machine is specially designed for function-testing components and for routine materials testing.
The Microlab NIMBUS workstation is a compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler that offers speed, flexibility, ease of use and superior pipetting performance – at a surprisingly affordable price.
The Panasonic MCO-5M-PE automatic air jacket multi-gas incubator provides precise CO2 and O2 level controls to realize a stable cell culture environment. It features multiple-patented technologies to safely achieve in-vitro performance.
The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is the world’s highest performance system and particularly suitable for the characterization of proteins and nanoparticles where the highest sensitivity for size and zeta potential measurement is required.e
The Zetasizer Nano S is a research grade dynamic light scattering system for sub-micron particle and molecular size and molecular weight measurement that combines performance and versatility with exceptional ease of use.
Other Equipment
BioStack is a compact and versatile microplate stacker compatible with BioTek’s washers, dispensers, detectors and imaging systems. BioStack offers rapid plate exchange speeds to increase throughput and enhance productivity, accommodating assay workflows both with and without plate lids.
Whatman GD/XP Disposable Syringe Filters are highly suitable for use with samples that require inorganic ion analysis as levels of ion extractables are minimized. They are also an alternative choice for users requiring a filter that exhibits extremely low protein binding characteristics.
The BioFlo / CelliGen 115 is an easy-to-use, entry-level system, with built-in controls for operation as a microbial fermentor as well as mammalian/animal cell culture bioreactor.
The Multisizer 4e, the latest COULTER COUNTER designed with the SMART and DPP technologies, offers highly accurate and reliable particle counting and sizing.
The Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoTrace 280 Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) instrument is a powerful, high-throughput workstation dedicated specifically for automating SPE.
Attractive design meets ease of use. The Sigma 1-16 is a breeze to use – you can even close the motorized lid lock with a single finger.
The Clarit-E series of horizontal gel units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis currently available.
Systonic technology produces digital colorimeters that are sold in multiple variants. These products are mostly used in laboratories, clinics, and pharmacies for pointing the concentration of the constituents in medical formulations.
This system is designed to rapidly evaporate/concentrate solvents by both heating the sample bottom and the incoming nitrogen. Each position is furnished with an individual orifice for the best possible delivery of gas.
The YR-1 is a revolutionary, simple-to-use, low-cost alternative to complicated, full-featured laboratory rheometers.It's designed to be used right on the production floor by your technicians.
Isothermal LN2 Dry Storage Freezers eliminate the common problems faced when using traditional liquid nitrogen storage systems. Manufactured by Custom BioGenic Systems (CBS) and sold by Panasonic Biomedical, the freezers are ideal for laboratories seeking reliable long-term storage of biological samples at ultra-low temperatures.
Malvern Viscosizer TD is an automated biophysical characterization tool utilizing Taylor Dispersion Analysis and providing ultra-low volume, solution-based molecular size and stability measurement capabilities, combined with Poiseuille flow for relative viscosity assessment.
Beckman Coulter General Purpose, High Performance and Ultracentrifuges provide systematic excellence through their superior quality, reproducibility, and reliable performance.
The Clinispin horizon 842VES is the most compact of the Performance centrifuges. It offers control over almost every aspect of the units operation. High speed and force greatly reduce the processing times.
The Hildebrand Isolation Table is ideal for lab use and Q.S. rooms, where it effectively isolates structural and floor vibration. We recommend this system for IRHD SYSTEMS, Densimeters and other lab equipments.
The water bath with shaking device has internal and external casings are made completely of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant. Built-in linear shaking system is provided, which moves in left-right direction.
The Höppler principle is used to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquid by measuring the time required for a ball to fall under gravity through a sample-filled tube that is inclined at an angle.
TwinCore includes the WizBox with the ability to predict freezer’s failure. This ULT monitoring system is a unique proactive maintenance device!
MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) detects binding events between any type of biomolecules, thus offering a large application range, from ions and small molecules to high molecular weight and multi-protein complexes.
The HXC-1308A blood bank refrigerator has five alarms fanction they are High/Low temperature alarm, Power off alarm, Door alarm, Senor failure alarm, Battery low power alarm.
The CMUA Electromantles share all the excellent features of the CMU Electromantle, but with the added functionality of magnetic stirring. For convenience and safety, the electric circuitry for stirring is built into the base of the heater, enabling powerful stirring over a wide range of solution volumes and viscosities using a magnetic stir bar.
The AutoFlow 5510 Direct Heat Laboratory CO2 Incubator featuring dual Sterilization Cycles is designed to provide a controlled in-vitro environment for optimum cell growth through precise humidity, temperature, CO2, sterility, and reliability.
Liquid handling lies at the core of every life science experiment and a key to successful research is the ability to handle liquids with precision and efficiency. The PIPETBOY pro pipetting aid unites all essential characteristics for productive work with serological pipettes: accuracy, speed and ergonomic design.
Archimedes is a new, highly innovative instrument which uses the technique of resonant mass measurement to detect and accurately count particles in the size range 50nm - 5µm, and reliably measure their buoyant mass, dry mass and size.
C-DASG-400-50 Dual Adjustable Mega-Gel Electrophoresis System includes dual sided High Throughput unit, 2 ea bar clamps, 2 Gel Wrap gaskets, temperature strips, plate separators, white spring clamps, guide rods and rotating base.