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Featured Equipment
The twin-column ProLine testing machine is specially designed for function-testing components and for routine materials testing.
The Microlab NIMBUS workstation is a compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler that offers speed, flexibility, ease of use and superior pipetting performance – at a surprisingly affordable price.
The Zetasizer Nano S is a research grade dynamic light scattering system for sub-micron particle and molecular size and molecular weight measurement that combines performance and versatility with exceptional ease of use.
The Zetasizer Nano ZSP is the world’s highest performance system and particularly suitable for the characterization of proteins and nanoparticles where the highest sensitivity for size and zeta potential measurement is required.e
The Panasonic MCO-19M(UV) multi-gas incubator is designed for a wide array of demanding and highly regulated applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical research and clinical laboratory.
The Panasonic MCO-5M-PE automatic air jacket multi-gas incubator provides precise CO2 and O2 level controls to realize a stable cell culture environment. It features multiple-patented technologies to safely achieve in-vitro performance.
Other Equipment
The Waterproof EcoTestr pH 2 has easy-to-read display with an easy-to-afford price. It can be simply dipped and the pH value is displayed on the display means, and it is not necessary to turn the head or tilt the tester.
Glas-Col's Bench-Top Shaker is an adaptable, user-friendly shaker that is capable of many hours of continuous hands free shaking and mixing. This shaker features: A variable-speed motor that provides gentle, low-speed shaking to vigorous, high-speed shaking.
The HBR 4 digital heating bath is cylindrical in shape. It is made up of high-grade recyclable materials. Either low viscosity oil or water can be used as the heat transfer fluid. Integrated magnetic stirring drive is used to circulate the tempering fluid, which contributes to improved heat distribution.
The Clinispin horizon 642E is the first small, low-cost laboratory centrifuge with a swing-out rotor. The unique rotor and compact design minimises its footprint making it ideal for the veterinary practice.
The CFX96 optical reaction module converts the C1000 Touch thermal cycler chassis into the powerful and precise CFX96 Touch real-time PCR detection system. This six-channel system combines advanced optical technology with precise thermal control to deliver sensitive, reliable detection.
The BioFlo 320, next-generation bioprocess control station, is designed as a universal platform capable of meeting the ever changing needs of all segments of the biotech and pharmaceutical sciences.
The MFCSTM-FLEX is a positive-pressure-driven flow controller, ideal for microfluidic applications requiring pressures from 0 to 1bar and providing the highest stability and responsiveness.
The GloMax-Multi Jr Single Tube Multimode Reader is designed to provide the utmost flexibility. In addition to high performance, the GloMax-Multi Jr blends user-friendly operation and a small footprint with flexible purchasing options.
Prevent user fatigue and promote safe working habits. Thermo Scientific™ Maxisafe 2020 Class II biological safety cabinets feature an advanced design for easy operation and can be used wherever protection is of paramount importance in safety levels 1 to 3, including research, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics/hospitals.
The new Pepsin Digestibility Rotator from Glas-Col offers variable speed with end-over-end mixing action for a gentle slosh to rapid agitation. Driven by a continuous-duty motor, it can stand up to demanding schedules and long hours of operation. Two knobs permits easy loading of bottles.
Enzo Life Sciences’ GFP-Certified® FluoForte® Calcium Assay Kit (high-throughput) provides a homogeneous fluorescence-based assay for detecting intracellular calcium mobilization across a broad spectrum of biological targets. Relative to other commercially available dyes, the GFP-Certified® FluoForte® dye is the brightest and most sensitive fluorescent calcium indicator.
Unique cross-over Centrifuges 5430 and 5430 R bring multipurpose versatility to every lab bench. These new centrifuges spin rotors for Eppendorf tubes and PCR strips as you would expect from any microcentrifuge. But that’s not all. In a compact size—just over a foot of bench space—Models 5430 and 5430 R also accommodate rotors for microplates, as well as 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes.
The PAT700 TOC analyzer from Beckman Coulter fully complies with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP) requirements.
The Thermo Scientific HM 430 Sliding Microtome is designed with automatic or manual fine sectioning; features fast, comfortable, and non-tiring operation.
Cytation™ 5 is a configurable system that combines automated digital widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate reading to provide phenotypic cellular information and well-based quantitative data. This single instrument platform can process workflows that would traditionally require multiple instruments and software interfaces, and is simple to setup and operate.
Fit a variety of space and storage requirements with Thermo Scientific Forma High-Performance Lab Refrigerators with Glass Doors — ideal for industrial, clinical and scientific use.
The Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Microtome is a reliable rotary microtome developed for all applications of paraffin and hard specimens in clinical, research and industrial laboratories.
The GX-241 Liquid Handler provides large or small volume injection with automatic fraction collection using tubes, vials, or microplates in a small footprint, taking up less than 39 cm (16") of bench space.
MD-20 and HD-20 comprises with 6X8W, 312 nm or 365 nm UV tube, 20X20 cm filter size, low background black glass, UV radiation blocking cover, high/low select switch, and reflection aluminum plate popularly for visual gel stained by EtBr, SYBR Green, Coomassie Blue, SYBR Gold, SYPR Ruby, and SYPR Orange.
The TissueScope LE is the easy to use scanner that matches high quality scanning with attractive price-performance characteristics. Scan up to twelve 1" x 3" brightfield slides at once, or image a variety of standard, or custom, slide sizes up to 6" x 8" for the ultimate in versatility. Its modular and upgradeable design ensures future-proof performance.
Radiometer's AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer delivers quantitative results with lab quality in as little as 10-20 minutes, depending on the parameter.
CyAn ADP uses multiple laser excitation sources to analyze biological cells, beads or other microscopic particles.
The CMUV Electromantles deliver the benefits of the CMU Electromantle, but do so for very large 60° funnels, as well as pear-shaped and round bottom flasks. This is achieved through a "V-shaped" design for the heating mantle, with funnels being accommodated through a bottom opening in the Electromantle base.
Our latest CO2 incubators with Panasonic’s innovative technologies offer outstanding quality in performance, maximise cell culture productivity and provide optimum results and reproducibility.
Optimising the mechanical properties of biomedical devices is a key step in determining their clinical performance. The mechanical integrity and wear resistance of a biomaterial are vital to its continuing success in vivo.