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A lensmeter is a computerized ophthalmic tool used to verify an eyeglass prescription, to measure and mark uncut lenses, and to ensure lenses are correctly mounted in spectacle frames. Lensmeters can also be used to check that contact lenses are of the correct power. Flexible measurement ranges and ease of tilting and angling are considered desirable features.

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Advanced simultaneous measurement of 108 multiple points within the nosepiece provide easier and faster measurements with greater accuracy and reliability.
The TL 5000 Auto Lensmeter consists of five color patterns and color layout using 256 preset colors.
The Lensmeter LM-8/8C features High and wide field eyepoint eyepiece; Clear visualisation of internal axis scale
The AL200 is the only auto lensometer that utilizes a horizontal design, similar to the manual lensmeters that many users are accustomed to.
The TOMEY TL-100 Replacing manual lensmeters will be automatic, because the TL-100 preforms reading automatically quickly, and accurately.
Advanced simultaneous measurement of 108 multiple points within the nosepiece provide easier and faster measurements with greater accuracy and reliability.
As part of Topcon's ongoing commitment to product improvement, they are pleased to introduce the EZ-200 Advance which features improved sphere accuracy and added functionality.
The Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer offers a fast and easy way to accurately measure all lenses including: Single Vision, Bi-focal, Progressive, and Prism.
The Reichert PDM Digital PD Meter utilizes the latest technology for measuring interpupillary distance and right/left pupil-to-nose distance. The PDM's ergonomic design, smooth action, and user-friendly LCD screen enable fast and precise PD measurements.
With a new UV Measurement Function, the CL-300 provides comprehensive data to both eyeglass wearers and optometrists. Its compact, ergonomic design and intuitive touch screen panel ensures that measurements can be easily and quickly obtained.
The AL500 Lensometer features Vertical Configuration, Tilting, color display, Advanced PAL mode and Built-in Printer
The Reichert ML1 Manual Lensometer enables you to measure a variety of lenses accurately including single vision, bifocal and contact lenses.
The TOMEY TL-3000C Auto Lensmeter is designed for fast & easy operation. The 5.7 inches color touch panel makes it easier to operate.
The Auto lensmeter LM-500 is an entry model that consists Hartmann Sensor with 108 multiple measurement points.