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Microfluidic systems are devices that move a sample through a web of channels, pumps, valves, and filters, that are submillimeter in scale to enable the analysis of DNA, proteins or cells present in nano or even pico liter volumes. Precise analysis with only a small amount of sample, fast reaction times, and ease of automation, mean the device is ideal for application in the fields of biomedical, clinical, pharmaceutical, or biotechnological science.

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The M-110Y Microfluidizer processor is a lab machine that provides the highest shear rates of any available mixer or homogenizer on the market today, maximizing the energy-per-unit fluid volume to produce uniform submicron particle and droplet sizes.
The VenaFlux Platform is the first semi-automated microfluidic platform capable of executing cell rolling, binding/adhesion and migration studies under shear flow mimicking in vivo flow rates.
Nanopoint's cellTRAY Imaging System Model CT-2000 offers the most advanced, on-microscope incubator and integrated microfluidics system available for life science research. The system allows experiments to run on an inverted microscope for extended periods of time, enabling time-lapse imaging of live cells over the course of several hours to days.
The Instrument for Biomolecular Interaction Sensing MultipleX 96 (IBIS-MX96) is a comprehensive system for multiplex biomolecular interaction imaging.
The M-110L produces up to 18,000 psi with standard lab air, for premium results at an affordable cost. Recommended to produce stable micro-emulsions & dispersions.
The MFCSTM-FLEX is a positive-pressure-driven flow controller, ideal for microfluidic applications requiring pressures from 0 to 1bar and providing the highest stability and responsiveness.
Nanopoint's cellTRAY Microfluidics System provides laminar flow similar to in vivo conditions. The flow delivery software enables a pulse rhythm which mimics the oviduct environment, providing physiological benefits such as nutrient media content on all surfaces of the oocyte, and a constant flow of fresh media without the need for cell manipulations.
Responding to customer demand, Microfluidics has launched the LV1 low volume benchtop machine, which brings high shear Microfluidizer processing capabilities to samples as small as 1 ml.
The industry's leading high shear fluid processor just got better. With simplified usage controls, cooler operation, and reduced weight and noise, the new M-110P lab homogenizer is setting gold standards all over again. Read about all the improvements in the product announcement.